UN Year of Youth Launch Event Agenda

Thursday 12 August 2010

09.00- 12.00 Roundtable: Youth involvement in education for development (Successful projects) – Venue:  UN House, Bucharest

UN House, Blvd Primaverii 48 A, sector 1, Bucharest 

Facilitator Daniela STĂNCULESCU, Education Directorate, Bucharest City Hall


09.00 Opening speeches:

Bucharest City Hall

Mircea Mocanu, Head of Socio-Economic section, UNDP Romania

Lorincz SZELL, Sub-Secretary of State, National Authority for Sports and Youth

Mariana NIŢELEA, Director, Council of Europe Information Center

Youth Council in Romania

09.30 – 12.00

Supporting Youth through the Alliance of Civilizations: Mr. Mircea Mocanu, Head of Socio-Economic section, UNDP Romania, UNDP

Involving local authorities in development education: Dana Stănculescu, Councilor, Education Directorate, Bucharest City Hall, Secretary, Communications Body, Association of Romanian Municipality


Involving the Non-Formal Education Center CenF at the Students House in development education: Iuliana Dobre, Non-Formal Education Center CenF Coordinator, Bucharest Students House

"Youth – promoters of the right to non-discrimination, equal opportunity and multiculturalism": Florina Pavel, project coordinator, Assistance and Development Programmes – Agenda 21

"Let's Do It, Romania!": Anamaria Hâncu, Communication Team Coordinator “Let's Do It, Romania!"

“World Vision Romania projects in development project”: Claudia Iatan, Project Manager, World Vision Romania

“How to apply non-formal education into formal education”: Nicoleta Cândea, President, Association “Youth for the Future” 2006

"Educating the teenagers as future parents”: Cornelia Milea, President, Romanian Association for Education and Development - ARED

ISIC Cards – National and international Facilities for Youth: Diana Gospodaru, Programmes Director, ISIC Romania


Youth and Education: Gabriel Brezoiu, project coordinator, the European Association for  the Protection of Human Rights


Education projects through Junior Achievement: Lucian Grămescu, project coordinator, Junior Achievement Romania



14.00 – 16.00 Seminar: Youth and the Fight against Discrimination  - responsibilities and opportunities: Venue – Council of Europe Information Center (str. Alexandru Donici, nr. 6, Bucharest, sector 2, Romania)


18.00 hrs,Exhibition launch „Development Education – Involving Youth in sustainable development”, Bucharest Municipality Museum, Şuţu Palace, B-dul I.C. Brătianu nr. 2, Bucharest (University Square).


12 – 15 august 2010

Exhibition on „Development Education - Involving Youth in sustainable development”: Exhibition put together by students and young graduates of the National University of Arts Bucharest – Fine Arts Faculty, Bucharest Municipality Museum, Şuţu Palace

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