National Minorities

The history of  the Romanian territory is frequently confused with the history of the people that occupies it. Along the history, on these territories established and created a country a series of peoples who contributed, each in his essential way, to the Romanian cultural profile.

In continuous balance with the memory of the natal land, spiritual and political relations and the practical needs of the daily life, the 20 national minorities created each a particular identity, in order both to preserve their internal cohesion (because it creates a community), and to assure the role of  majority’s dialogue partner. The result is a Romanian plural cultural horizon, whose richness rests in diversity and its complementary character.

1 Albanian minority
2 Armenian minority
3 Bulgarian Minority
4 Croatian Minority
5 Czech Minority
6 German Minority
7 Hellenic minority (Greek)
8 Hungarian Minority
9 Italian minority
10 Jewish minority
11 Macedonian minority
12 Polish minority
13 Roma minority
14 Russian - Lipovans Minority
15 Rutenian minority
16 Serbian Minority
17 Slovak Minority
18 Tartarian minority
19 Turkish Minority
20 Ukrainian Minority

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