Political Engagements

The Charter of the Alliance of Civilizations in Romania
Bucharest, the 18th of May, 2010

We, the Partners of the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative in Romania,

Confirming our deep attachment and unconditional support for the ideals, principles and norms of the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of UNESCO for Cultural Diversity, the Charter of the European Union concerning the fundamental rights and freedoms and the White Charter of intercultural dialogue - living together in equality and dignity.
Underlining our will of contributing significantly to building an harmonized society by promoting the values of the Alliance of Civilizations in Romania.
Thereby we commit to:
Stimulating an integrating vision of the society by promoting intercultural, interethnic and inter-religious dialogue based on common respect, trust and colaboration for reaching common goals; Supporting the implementation of the National Plan of the Alliance of Civilizations and fulfilling the objectives that concern the participation of Romania in this global initiative, under UN aegis;
Encouraging the participation of governamental and nongovernamental organizations, at the most important international programes that aim at stimulating intercultural dialogue and at building trust and cooperation between civilizations, ethnic groups and cultures; Promoting the Romanian experience in terms of mangement of linguistic, cultural and religious diversity, at the international level.
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